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Digital Communication Systems
  • Some Physical Layer Aspects of Digital Communications
    The past two decades have witnessed remarkable progress in communication technologies, and one of the main drivers for this progress has been the need to achieve higher data rates. Researchers believe that this trend will continue into the future and are therefore directing their research in the area of 5G communication systems [1]. Although technology standards continue to evolve, the fundamental concepts of communication systems remain unchanged. Keeping this in mind, some of the key physical layer concepts of digital communication systems are presented in this article.
Radar Systems Overview and Design Considerations
Designing with PIN Diodes
Machine to Machine (M2M) Technology
Microsemi Power Semiconductors
  • Power IGBT Tutorial
    To help understand the tradeoffs and to help circuit designers with IGBT device selection and application, this document provides a relatively painless overview of IGBT technology and a walkthrough of IGBT datasheet information.
  • Power MOSFET Tutorial
    This document explains the main features and functions of high voltage N-channel power MOSFETs, and provides useful information for device selection and application. MOSFET datasheet information is also explained.
  • Video Tutorial on "Thermal Mounting Considerations for DRF Products"
    This brief video explains the right way to apply thermal compound for Microsemi's flangeless MOS RF devices in low volume manufacturing.
Powerex Power Semiconductors
  • Solid State Power Electronics Tutorial
    Each of the 5 chapters is further divided into concise discussions of the topics and ideas that are felt to be of greatest importance in appreciating both the capabilities and limitations of power electronics.