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Two main groups of resistors are stocked and sold at Richardson RFPD – power resistors and RF resistors.

In the area of power resistors, Richardson RFPD offers wirewound, thick film, ceramic composition, and carbon composition resistors from Ohmite Manufacturing. Ohmite has been a leading provider of resistors for high current, high voltage and high energy applications for over 80 years. Richardson RFPD provides the latest in resistor technology as required by today's most sophisticated circuit designs. We supply a worldwide customer base in the industrial, medical, renewable energy, defense and aerospace industries. Specific applications for these resistors include wind power inverters, solar power inverters, power conditioning, and instrumentation.

In the area of RF Resistors, we have partnered with API Technologies Corp-Inmet, Anaren, ATC, and Johanson Manufacturing. RF Resistors are designed to dissipate power and energy at RF and microwave frequencies. Specific applications for these resistors include Wilkinson power dividers, wireless base stations, radar systems, medical diagnostic equipment (ex. MRI), broadcast transmitters, point-to-point mmW amplifiers, and RF amplifiers.

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