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142188 Amphenol RF
RF Coaxial Cable Mount Connector
MFG Part Number: 142188
The Connex SMB/SMC subminiature coaxial connectors with 50 Ohm impedance are for applications to 4 GHz (SMB) or 10 GHz (SMC). Generally less expensive than SMA, these connectors are used primarily in applications for microwave telephone and other nondefense telecommunications requirements. SMB connectors feature quick connect/disconnect snap-on mating and operate to 4 GHz with low reflection. SMC connectors have #10-32UNF-threaded screw-on couplings and operate reliably to 10 GHz. Mini 75 Ohm connectors are matched-impedance SMB connectors to be used with 75 Ohm miniature coax cables. The connectors are the same size as, and intermateable with, standard 50 Ohm connectors. All bodies, unless otherwise noted, are machined brass, gold plated 3µ. All insulators are teflon. All center contacts are 30µ gold plated.
Key AttributesValue
StyleRight Angle Cable
Cable TypeFlexible
Attachment MethodCrimp
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