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XZ1003-QT-0G00 MACOM Technology Solutions
Broadband/CATV (75 Ohm) Misc. Amplifier
MFG Part Number: XZ1003-QT-0G00T
MoCA Front End CaAs IC.  Freq. Range is 775-1525 MHz. The XZ1003-QT is an integrated front end GaAs IC for MoCA High-band RF applications which is fully compatible with Entropic Communications chipsets EN2510 & EN2511. It is housed in an industry standard lead-free, 16-lead 3 mm PQFN package and operates from a single 3.3 V bias. The chip includes a power amplifier, transmit/receive switch, power detector, switched attenuators, bias circuits and digital control circuitry. The transmit path includes two 3 dB switched attenuators and a power detector for gain adjustment and linearity optimization. A switched attenuator in the receiver provides a 15 dB gain step. The integrated bias circuit stabilizes transmit amplifier performance over temperature and process variation with optional bias adjustment. The device typically delivers 20 dBm at P1dB and +32 dBm OIP3 across the operating temperature range. The digital inputs control all circuit operating modes and are compatible with Entropic’s MoCA chipsets. This "-0G00" part is the bulk version; see XZ1003-QT-0G0T for tape and reel version (1K per reel).
Key AttributesValue
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency775 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency1525 MHz
Gain15 dB
Noise Figure
Output IP332 dBm
Output IP2
Package TypePQFN
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