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X3C07P1-05S-CT Anaren
RF Directional Coupler
MFG Part Number: X3C07P1-05S
5dB Directional Coupler.  The X3C07P1-05S is a low profile, high performance 5dB directional coupler in a new easy to use, manufacturing friendly surface mount package. It is designed for UMTS applications. The X3C07P1-05S is designed particularly for non-binary split and combine in high power amplifiers, e.g. used along with a 3dB to get a 3-way, plus other signal distribution applications where low insertion loss is required. It can be used in high power applications up to 70 Watts. Parts have been subjected to rigorous qualification testing and they are manufactured using materials with coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) compatible with common substrates such as FR4, G-10, RF-35, RO4350 and polyimide. Produced with 6 of 6 RoHS compliant tin immersion finish.
Key AttributesValue
TypeSurface Mount
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency0.6 GHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency0.9 GHz
Coupling Value/Precision5 dB
Power70 W
Dimensions0.25 in x 0.20 in x 0.03 in
Directivity20 dB
Insertion Loss0.2 dB
VSWR (~:1)1.15:1
QuantityUnit Price
1 - 9
10 - 49
50 - 99
100 - 499
500 - 1999
2000 - 9999
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