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MRFE6VP8600HSR5 NXP Semiconductors
RF Power Transistor
MFG Part Number: MRFE6VP8600HSR5
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The MRFE6VP8600H is designed for UHF broadcast & industrial designs, and it is the latest addition to Freescale’s portfolio of rugged RF LDMOS power transistors. Operating from 470 – 860 MHz, this 50V LDMOS device is capable of 600W peak power (CW) while still able to withstand greater than 65:1 VSWR. The MRFE6VP8600H is a breakthrough RF Power device that brings levels of power and ruggedness never before seen in the broadcast industry. Broadband power (DVB-T modulation; 8K OFDM) level is 125 watts average, across the full UHF TV band, from 470 – 860 MHz. The device is capable of 30% efficiency at 860 MHz (with DVB-T modulation). This device is also Doherty compatible for even higher efficiencies (efficiencies up to 45% are possible with this configuration). This part includes an extended negative gate-source voltage range (-6V to +10V), which improves Class C performance, e.g. in a Doherty peaking stage. This also enables the fast, easy and complete shutdown of the amplifier.
Key AttributesValue
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency470 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency860 MHz
P1dB600 W
Gain19.3 dB
Pout125 W
Test signalDVB-T
Efficiency30 %
Supply Voltage50 VDC
Thermal Resistance0.19 °C/W
Package NameNI-1230
Package Type
QuantityUnit Price

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