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RN-SRL-PRO3VDGL Roving Networks/Microchip
M2M Accessory
The RN-SERIAL-PRO3V-DGL is a USB-to-Serial TTL bridge board module (PCB Assembly) designed to accommodate a quick and easy means to interconnect to devices having TTL level serial interfaces which require conversion to USB. The on-board bridge controller is the PROLIFIC 64-bit PL2303HXD USB to Serial UART device which controls the relevant USB signal and protocol requirements. As a PCB Assembly, the RN-SERIAL-PRO3V-DGL is comprised of 2 main components, a USB type-A connector as the interface to the outside world and small form factor PCB requiring soldered-wire connections to the mating device(s). The RoHS compliant PCB assembly is configured with a fixed TTL output level of +3.3V. Deriving its power from the USB bus connection, the RN-SERIAL-PRO3V-DGL is USB 2.0 Full Speed Compatible and inherently complies with all of the Prolific PL2303HXD documented features and specifications. The RN-SERIAL-PRO3V-DGL also includes support for data transfer rates of up to 12Mbaud, and supports User Customizable Descriptors for OTPROM programming including User-defined serial numbers. This programmability feature is extremely useful in cases where security is an issue, and where password protection is required for applications involving file transfer processes and other security applications. Each bridge board module is equipped with two LEDs which are preconfigured as data transmission activity indicators for the TX (RED) and RX (GREEN) signal lines. Support files and application utilities are available to redefine the fixed function purpose of either or both LEDs as desired.
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FeaturesUSB to Cellular TTL bridge board module
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