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REC752405SRW1M RECOM Power, Inc.
DC to DC Converter Module
MFG Part Number: REC7.5-2405SRW/H1/A/M
The REC7.5-xxxxSRW/DRW-series offer single and dual regulated outputs in a DIP24 package with 1kV, 2kV or 3kV options and are suitable for higher power industrial or medical applications. Remote on/off control is possible with the /CTRL option and SMD pinning is offered with the /SMD option. The converters can deliver 140% rated power for short periods of time to cope with applications with large capacitive loads or high start up currents.
Key AttributesValue
Input Voltage Range : Minimum Input Voltage18 V
Input Voltage Range : Maximum Input Voltage36 V
Output Voltage5 VDC
Output Power7.5 W
Isolation1 kVDC
Other AttributesValue
Output Voltage5 VDC
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