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RP152405SA RECOM Power, Inc.
DC to DC Converter Module
MFG Part Number: RP15-2405SA
The RP15-SA series are ultraminiature power DC/DC converters in a case half the size of industry standard 15W converters. Despite their small size, the RP15-SA converters are fully specified devices with output currents up to 4 Amps, no minimum load, 1600VDC isolation and low ripple/noise figures. The outputs are also fully protected against short circuits, overcurrent and overvoltage. The RP15-SA series will find many uses in applications where board space and/or board height is at a premium.
Key AttributesValue
Input Voltage Range : Minimum Input Voltage18 V
Input Voltage Range : Maximum Input Voltage36 V
Output Voltage5 VDC
Output Power15 W
Isolation1.6 kVDC
Other AttributesValue
Output Voltage5 VDC
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