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R-7812-0.5 RECOM Power, Inc.
DC to DC Converter Module
MFG Part Number: R-7812-0.5

0.5 AMP SIP3 Single Output. The R-78xx-Series high efficiency switching regulators are ideally suited to replace 78xx linear regulators and are pin compatible. The efficiency of up to 97% means that very little energy is wasted as heat so there is no need for any heat sinks with their additional space and mounting costs. Low ripple and noise figures and short circuit , overload and overtemperature protection round off the specifications of this versatile converter series.

Key AttributesValue
Input Voltage Range : Minimum Input Voltage15 V
Input Voltage Range : Maximum Input Voltage32 V
Output Voltage12 VDC
Output Power6 W
Other AttributesValue
Output Current±0.5 A
Output Voltage12 VDC
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