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AD538BD Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI)
MFG Part Number: AD538BD
The AD538 is a monolithic real-time computational circuit that provides precision analog multiplication, division, and exponentiation. The combination of low input and output offset voltages and excellent linearity results in accurate computation over an unusually wide input dynamic range. Laser wafer trimming makes multiplication and division with errors as low as 0.25% of reading possible, while typical output offsets of 100 μV or less add to the overall off-the-shelf performance level. Real-time analog signal processing is further enhanced by the 400 kHz bandwidth of the device. The overall transfer function of the AD538 is VO = VY(VZ/VX)m. Programming a particular function is via pin strapping. No external components are required for one-quadrant (positive input) multiplication and division. Two-quadrant (bipolar numerator) division is possible with the use of external level shifting and scaling resistors. The desired scale factor for both multiplication and division can be set using the on-chip +2 V or +10 V references, or controlled externally to provide simultaneous multiplication and division. Exponentiation with an m value from 0.2 to 5 can be implemented with the addition of one or two external resistors.
Key AttributesValue
Number of Channels1
Package TypeSBDIP
Bandwidth0.4 MHz
Slew Rate1.4 V/µs
Input Bits2 Bits
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