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EVALAD76066EDZ Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI)
Converter - ADC
MFG Part Number: EVAL-AD7606-6EDZ
The AD7606-6 is a 16-bit, 6 channel, simultaneous sampling Analog-to-Digital Data Acquisition system (DAS). The part contains analog input clamp protection, 2nd order anti-alias filter, track and hold amplifier, 16-bit charge redistribution successive approximation ADC, flexible digital filter, 2.5V reference and reference buffer and high speed serial and parallel interfaces. The AD7606-6 operates from a single 5V supply and can accommodate ± 10V and ±5V true bipolar input signals while sampling at throughput rates up to 200 kSPS for all channels. The input clamp protection circuitry can tolerate voltages up to ±16.5V. The single supply operation, on chip filtering and high input impedance eliminates the need for driver op-amps and external bipolar supplies. The AD7606-6 anti-alias filter has a 3 dB cut off frequency of 22 kHz and provides 40 dB anti-alias rejection when sampling at 200ksps. The flexible digital filter is pin driven, yields improvements in SNR, and reduces the 3 dB bandwidth.
Key AttributesValue
Resolution16 Bits
Sample Rate200 kSPS
Sample Rate
Data Bus Interface
Number of Channels6
Supply Voltage Range : Minimum Supply Voltage
Supply Voltage Range : Maximum Supply Voltage
Package TypeQFP
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