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AD9961-EBZ Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI)
Linear ICs - Evaluation Board
MFG Part Number: AD9961-EBZ
The AD9961/AD9963 are pin-compatible, 10-/12-bit, low power MxFE° converters that provide two ADC channels with sample rates of 100 MSPS and two DAC channels with sample rates to 170 MSPS. These converters are optimized for transmit and receive signal paths of communication systems requiring low power and low cost. The digital interfaces provide flexible clocking options. The transmit is configurable for 1×, 2×, 4×, and 8× interpolation. The receive path has a bypassable 2× decimating low-pass filter. The AD9961 and AD9963 have five auxiliary analog channels. Three are inputs to a 12-bit ADC. Two of these inputs can be configured as outputs by enabling 10-bit DACs. The other two channels are dedicated outputs from two independent 12-bit DACs. The high level of integrated functionality, small size, and low power dissipation of the AD9961/AD9963 make them well- suited for portable and low power applications.
Other AttributesValue
Number of Channels2
Package TypeCSP
Resolution10 Bits
Sample Rate100 MSPS
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