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ADT6501SRJZ105T Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI)
Temperature Sensor
MFG Part Number: ADT6501SRJZP105-RL
The ADT6501/ADT6502/ADT6503/ADT6504 are trip point temperature switches available in a 5-lead SOT-23 package. Each part contains an internal band gap temperature sensor for local temperature sensing. When the temperature crosses the trip point setting, the logic output is activated. The ADT6501/ ADT6503 logic output is active low and open-drain. The ADT6502/ADT6504 logic output is active high and push-pull. The temperature is digitized to a resolution of 0.125°C (11-bit). The factory trip point settings are 10°C apart starting from −45°C to +15°C for the cold threshold models and from +35°C to +115°C for the hot threshold models.
Key AttributesValue
Supply Voltage Range : Minimum Supply Voltage2.7 VDC
Supply Voltage Range : Maximum Supply Voltage5 VDC
Resolution11 Bits
Output TypeDigital Thermostatic Switch
Current Output (uA/K)
Package TypeSOT-23
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