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ADR06WARZ-R7 Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI)
Voltage Reference
MFG Part Number: ADR06WARZ-R7
The ADR06 is a precision 3.0 V band gap voltage references featuring high accuracy, high stability, and low power consumption. The parts are housed in tiny, 5-lead SC70 and TSOT packages, as well as in 8-lead SOIC versions. The SOIC versions of the ADR01, ADR02, and ADR03 are drop-in replacements1 to the industry-standard REF01, REF02, and REF03. The small footprint and wide operating range make the ADR0x references ideally suited for general-purpose and space-constrained applications.
Key AttributesValue
Input Voltage Range : Minimum Input Voltage
Input Voltage Range : Maximum Input Voltage
Output Voltage
Input Current
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