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M3775RK-H95C8-Q Bonitron
Overvoltage Braking Resistor
MFG Part Number: M3775RK-H95C8-Q73668-MG-NFA
While Bonitron has been the industry leader for Braking Transistors for years, what better way to compliment that than by offering quality resistors too! Bonitron has a vast standard offering of Braking Resistors and welcomes custom requests as well. M3775R Braking Resistors are used with Bonitron Braking Transistors to allow full power braking and eliminate overvoltage faults. This permits controlled braking and dramatically shortens motor stopping, time. If overvoltage occurs, Bonitron Transistors or the drive’s internal brake, shunts excess energy through a Bonitron M3775R Braking Resistor to prevent overvoltage faults.
Key AttributesValue
Operating Voltage Range : Minimum Operating Voltage
Operating Voltage Range : Maximum Operating Voltage
Peak Braking Power
Peak Braking Current
Load Resistance
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