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SL8080T_1101545 Sierra Wireless
3G Embedded Cellular Module
MFG Part Number: SL8080T_1101545
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The AirPrime SL8080-T offers HSDPA connectivity and quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE network access for global coverage. It natively supports the Open AT application framework and a comprehensive set of device management capabilities.

Open AT is unique to Sierra Wireless and allows users to develop on the cellular module. It is the world’s only operating system designed specifically for M2M to embed applications written in standard ANSI C/C++ onto the wireless module. A wide choice of libraries such as Internet, Location, Security, AirVantage Agent and third-party libraries. A Comprehensive and easy-to-use development tool based platform on Eclipse™.

Available memory for Open AT user:
Application storage:  14 MB
Non Volatile Data Storage (File system and A&D):   32 MB

Volatile Data Storage:   21 MB

Advantages of Sierra Wireless OpenAT:
  • Innovation: Leverage built in libraries to focus on your core application
  • TCO: Embed part or all your application on SL8080-T, no external processor needed
  • Time to market: Field proven, ready to go, M2M cloud enabled Day 1
  • Size: Remove components on board by leveraging SL8080-T native resources
  • Power: Shared resources, multiple power modes can be selected
  • Scalability: Your Open AT Application is portable from one bearer to the other
  • Insurance: Upgrade your firmware and application over the air
Key AttributesValue
Cellular Radio InterfaceHSPA/GSM/GPRS
Bands850/1900 MHz
FeaturesData+Voice/GPS/Open AT
Target RegionNA
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This product is available in the following countries:
  • Global