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AAT2430AISX-T1 Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
LED Driver IC
MFG Part Number: AAT2430AISX-T1
The AAT2430A is a highly integrated, high efficiency white LED backlight solution for large size LCD panels used in LCD TVs. By controlling external power MOSFETs (such as the Skyworks' AAT2491 high-voltage TrenchDMOS array), the AAT2430A facilitates 16 current sink channels to provide precision, constant-current drive for strings of white LEDs, where the number of series-connected LEDs per string is only limited by the system LED voltage sup­ply. Current in each backlight string and string-to-string matching is controlled using I-Precise™ sensing and con­trol circuitry, a novel on-chip method to accurately control drain current in external discrete power MOSFETs inde­pendent of their construction and without the need for precision sense resistors.
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Number of LED Driver Output Pins
Power Dissipation
Pulse Dimmer System (Onboard or External Input)
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