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M3345D-3N-150 Bonitron
Switching Regulator Module
MFG Part Number: M3345D-3N-150
Bonitron’s M3345D Diode Sharing Modules are designed to offer system integrators a low cost solution for providing Ride-Thru line regeneration or dynamic braking for non-common based multiple drives. Traditionally, integrators have provided a common DC bus for the drives and regen modules. This required that drives be connected to a common bus power supply or the system be directly powered through the drive input rectifiers, resulting in drive fusing and rectifier problems. The M3345D modules provide blocking diodes that isolate drives from each other while establishing a shared, common regen bus. This allows most drives to share a single Regen unit.
Key AttributesValue
Output Current±30 A
Input Voltage Range : Minimum Input Voltage230 V
Input Voltage Range : Maximum Input Voltage460 V
Maximum Load (Output) Voltage
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