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ADL5353ACPZ Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI)
Up/Down Converter
MFG Part Number: ADL5353ACPZ-R7
The ADL5353 uses a highly linear, doubly balanced passive mixer core along with integrated RF and local oscillator (LO) balancing circuitry to allow for single-ended operation. The ADL5353 incorporates an RF balun to provide optimal performance over a 2200 MHz to 2700 MHz input frequency range using high-side LO. The balanced passive mixer arrangement provides good LO-to-RF leakage, typically better than −36 dBm, and excellent intermodulation performance.
Key AttributesValue
Frequency Range RF : Minimum Frequency2200 MHz
Frequency Range RF : Maximum Frequency2700 MHz
Frequency Range LO : Minimum Frequency2230 MHz
Frequency Range LO : Maximum Frequency3150 MHz
Frequency Range IF : Minimum Frequency30 MHz
Frequency Range IF : Maximum Frequency450 MHz
LO Drive Level10 dBm
Conversion Gain8.7 dB
Isolation LO-RF
Isolation LO-IF
Isolation RF-IF
Input IP324.5 dBm
Vd (Device Voltage)5.5 VDC
Package TypeLFCSP
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