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SL1350E Sarantel
Antenna Evaluation Board

SL1350 - Sarantel LBS Pro Passive Antenna  Dual-Band. GPS+Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/ANT.  Passive GPS Antenna for Mobile Phones and Tightly integrated GPS Devices.  Built on patented PowerHelix® filtering antenna technology, the SL1350 is ideally suited for mobile phones, digital cameras, sports watches and tightly integrated GPS devices with multiple radios that require high positional accuracy. Unlike other conventional antennas, SL1350 achieves an uplift in gain once integrated into the customer’s product. The SL1350 antenna is ideal in applications where the device is handheld, body-worn, or otherwise surrounded by high-dielectric materials that would de-tune conventional antennas; the antenna is tightly integrated with other antennas, e.g., Bluetooth®/GPS receivers, WiFi/GPS digital cameras or GPS/GSM mobile phones; there are tight constraints on the size of the device or the amount of space allocated to ground planes; SL1350 does not need a ground plane. the orientation of the device is random; or the antenna will be embedded in the device. The SL1350 antenna is balanced. This isolates it from the device and enables the antenna to reject common mode noise resident on the device ground plane. The construction and materials of the antenna constrain its near-fi eld to a very small volume, therefore materials near the antenna have negligible de-tuning effects. The SL1350 is similar in size to the SL1300, using the same ceramic element, but has a number of enhances over the SL1300. These include: Dual Band Operation allows GPS and 2.45GHz reception from one antenna Possibility of using one antenna for triple radio GPS/WiFi/Bluetooth® implementation Improved antenna ruggedness. The new feed system requires less mechanical support and is capable of withstanding higher stresses Simplified interconnection system. Antenna can be connected using either simple contacts or hot air sodered to the product board.



Other AttributesValue
Dimensions7.5mm x 12mm
Peak Gain-5 dBi
PolarizationRight-Hand Circular
TypeHexafilar Helix
VSWR (~:1)2:1
QuantityUnit Price
Quote Required

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