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EVAL-418-LC Linx Technologies
RF Module Developer Kit
MFG Part Number: EVAL-418-LC
Linx LC Series RF modules offer a simple, efficient, and cost-effective method of adding wireless communication capabilities to any product. The Basic Evaluation Kit is intended to give a designer all the tools necessary to correctly and legally incorporate the LC Series modules into an end product. The development boards themselves serve several important functions: Rapid Module Evaluation - The boards allow the performance of the Linx LC Series modules to be evaluated quickly in a user’s environment. Range Testing - Using the on-board encoders and decoders to generate a simplex transmission, a pair of development boards can be used to evaluate the range performance of the modules. Design Benchmark - During the design process of your product, the boards provide a known benchmark against which the performance of your own design can be judged. Application Development - An on-board prototyping area is provided to allow a designer to develop applications directly on the development board. All signal lines are available on a breakout header for easy connection to the designer’s circuits.
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