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M3534BL006060A5 Bonitron
Undervoltage Ride-Thru Product
MFG Part Number: M3534B-L006-060-A5
Bonitron’s Model M3534 series of DC Bus Ride-Thru Modules (RTM) provide protection from AC line voltage sags and outages for AC drive systems that use a fixed DC bus as with AC PWM VFDs. The Model M3534 series of DC Bus Ride-Thru Modules provides protection from line voltage sags or the momentary loss of one phase by temporarily storing energy internally and releasing it back into the DC bus when needed. This allows the drive to “ride-through” these events, maintaining motor speed and torque without experiencing drive shutdown.
Key AttributesValue
Operating Voltage Range : Minimum Operating Voltage
Operating Voltage Range : Maximum Operating Voltage320 V
Rated Power15 KVA
Current20 A
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