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M3645-E050M11D Bonitron
Line Regeneration Unit
MFG Part Number: M3645-E050-M11-D

The M3645 Line Regen is the latest release of Overvoltage Solutions from Bonitron. The M3645 Series replaces the legendary M3345 Series, but continues its legacy with additional features, simplicity, and reliability. When variable speed drive systems are braking, they generate power that must be dissipated. If the excess power is not dissipated, the drive system can lose control of the process due to an overvoltage trip, or it must extend the braking time to keep from tripping the drive. The M3645 replaces traditional braking transistor and resistor options that waste energy as heat during braking. Instead of dissipating the excess energy as heat in a resistor, the M3645 returns this energy to the power grid with minimal heat loss, allowing the entire braking system to be installed in the drive cabinet. This reduces installation footprint and facility cooling costs.

Key AttributesValue
Operating Voltage Range : Minimum Operating Voltage380 V
Operating Voltage Range : Maximum Operating Voltage415 V
Peak Current75 A
Rated Power57.66 KVA
Power265 W
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