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TAT6281 TriQuint
Broadband/CATV (75 Ohm) LNA
MFG Part Number: 1078482
The TAT6281 FTTP SFU Video Receiver provides a low noise analog interface to optical triplexers. The  TAT6281 is intended for use in single family unit (SFU) analog video fiber to the premise (FTTP) applications. The TAT6281 exhibits low input noise and distortion that provides performance margin critical to meeting stringent FTTP link requirements. It runs on a single 5 volt supply, eliminating the need for an extra ONT power supply. The TAT6281 provides integrated automatic gain control (AGC) to maintain a constant 19 dBmV output to insure a consistent video quality and ease of design. The TAT6281 is fabricated using 6-inch GaAs pHEMT technology to optimize performance and cost.
Key AttributesValue
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency45 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency1003 MHz
Gain33 dB
Noise Figure
Pout20 dBmV
Output IP3
Output IP2
CTB64 dBc
CSO64 dBc
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