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MAAM-011109-TR1 MACOM Technology Solutions
mmW General Purpose Amplifier
MFG Part Number: MAAM-011109-TR1000

The MAAM-011109 is an easy-to-use, wideband amplifier that operates from 10 MHz - 40 GHz. The device features 13 dB gain and +18 dBm of output power. Matching is 50 Ω with typical return loss better than 15 dB. This amplifier requires dual DC supplies: 5 V (190 mA) and a low current –5 V (<1 mA).

The MAAM-011109 integrates an ultra-broadband bias choke, DC blocking and bypass capacitors. Other features include a gate bias adjust pin to change current setting for power or temperature, a gain trim control pin that allows 15 dB of gain control (0 to -1V), and a temperature compensated detector pin that provides a DC voltage in relation to output power.

The MAAM-011109 is ideally suited for any application that requires 50 Ω gain from 10 MHz to 40 GHz. It is useful in applications where the incoming signal varies over a broad bandwidth such as laboratory, instrumentation, and defense applications.

Key AttributesValue
TypeWideband Amplifier
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency10 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency40000 MHz
Gain13 dB
Gain Flatness
Noise Figure3.5 dB
P1dB18 dBm
Output IP326 dBm
Operating Voltage Range : Minimum Operating Voltage
Operating Voltage Range : Maximum Operating Voltage5 V
Package TypeLGA
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