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450-0131 LS Research
Zigbee Development Kit

SiFLEX02-R2 Development Kit with wire antenna. The SiFLEX02-R2 Development Kit can be used out of the box to evaluate RF range performance with the simple press of a button. Users interested in further investigating the performance and capabilities of the SiFLEX02-R2 Module can use the ModFLEXTM Test Tool. This PC-based software can demonstrate just how easy it is to send & receive data, collect performance data, change channels, power levels, or addresses using the LSR Serial Host Protocol with another microcontroller. More advanced users can use the development board to create and debug their own software for the SiFLEX02-R2 module using the 802.15.4 MAC or ZigBee stack from Atmel.

Key AttributesValue
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency906 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency924 MHz
Range3218.69 m
Data Rate1000 kb/s
Supply Voltage3.3 VDC
Id (Device Current)285 mA
Package TypeModule
Output Power24 dBm
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