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MA8334-001 MACOM Technology Solutions
RF and Microwave Switch
MFG Part Number: MA8334-001
MA8334 Series of Multi-Throw High Power Switch Modules are SPDT and SP3T Devices designed for usage from 10 MHz to 1000 MHz. They are rated to operate at 100 Watts CW RF power with Nominal 1.3:1 Source and Load VSWR in 50 ?. These switch modules are constructed using Ceramic-Hybrid technology and utilize PIN diode chips optimized for lower loss and higher operating reliability. These Switch Modules employ MACOM's High Voltage CERMACHIP PIN diodes for Lower Thermal Resistance and Lower Intermodulation Products. Application of the MA8334 switch modules include 100 W Incident Power T/R and Diversity Switches. Forward Bias Currents of + 50 mA @ +1V and Reverse Bias Voltages of -100V @ 0 mA are typical values for nominal Switch Operation.
Key AttributesValue
TechnologyDiode Based
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency10 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency1000 MHz
Configuration (SPST, SPDT, ...)SPDT
Matching (Non-/Reflective)Reflective
Insertion Loss0.35 dB
Isolation24 dB
Input IP370 dBm
Maximum Input Power50 dBm
Switching Time8000 ns
Control Type (TTL, -V)+50 mA, +1 V
Package TypeCeramic
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This product is available in the following countries:
  • Global; Americas and Europe only for optical and SDI-Video products