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A97F8671 General Electric
Oil Filled Capacitor
MFG Part Number: A97F8671S
This family of capacitors is designed for high-current applications, such as (1) SCR commutation, (2) snubbers for SCRs, GTOs and other power semiconductors, and (3) for any other circuits where the combination of frequency and voltage results in high RMS currents. The A97F8600 Series have an all-film dielectric and, due to the much lower dissipation factor, can handle much higher currents than the older film paper designs. Advances in capacitor Dielectric technology have made paint unnecessary, in most cases.
Key AttributesValue
Package TypeOval
Capacitance5 µF
Capacitance Tolerance±10 %
Peak Voltage600 V
Operating Temperature Range : Minimum Operating Temperature-40 ºC
Operating Temperature Range : Maximum Operating Temperature75 ºC
Operating Life40000 hours
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