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MA4SW210 MACOM Technology Solutions
RF and Microwave Switch
MFG Part Number: MA4SW210
The MA4SW110, MA4SW210 and MA4SW310 are broadband monolithic switches using series and shunt connected silicon PIN diodes. They are designed for use as moderate signal, high performance switches in applications up to 26.5GHz. They provide performance levels superior to those realized by hybrid MIC designs incorporating beam lead and PIN chip diodes that require chip and wire assembly. These switches are fabricated using MACOM's patented HMIC™ (Heterolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit) process, US Patent 5,268,310. This process allows the incorporation of silicon pedestals that form series and shunt diodes or bias by imbedding them in low loss, low dispersion glass. By using small spacing between elements, this combination of silicon and glass gives HMIC devices low loss and high isolation performance through low millimeter frequencies. Large bond pads facilitate the use of low inductance ribbon leads, while gold backside metallization allows for manual or automatic chip bonding via 80/20, AuSn solder or conductive Ag epoxy.
Key AttributesValue
TechnologyDiode Based
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency50 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency26500 MHz
Configuration (SPST, SPDT, ...)SPDT
Matching (Non-/Reflective)Reflective
Insertion Loss0.7 dB
Isolation42 dB
P1dB30 dBm
Input IP340 dBm
Maximum Input Power30 dBm
Switching Time20 ns
Control Type (TTL, -V)TTL
Package TypeHMIC
QuantityUnit Price
50 - 99
100+Get Quote

This product is available in the following countries:
  • Global; Americas and Europe only for optical and SDI-Video products