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MAAVCC0001TR MACOM Technology Solutions
Attenuator - Variable Voltage
MFG Part Number: MAAVCC0001TR
MACOM's MAAVCC0001 is a PIN diode based voltage variable attenuator. This device is in a 6mm square, 28 lead, plastic CSP Package, suitable for surface mounting on PCBs. These attenuators have linear operating power an input intercept point levels 15 - 20 dB better than GaAs FET MMIC voltage variable attenuators. They are ideally suite for use where low distortion, high linear operating power an high dynamic range are required. These devices are optimized for the GSM frequency band, but exhibit excellent performance and repeatability over the entire specified frequency band. The MAAVCC0001 is ideally suited for wireless communications systems.
Key AttributesValue
TechnologyDiode Based
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency800 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency1000 MHz
Attenuation Control Range (dB34 dB
Insertion Loss3.6 dB
P1dB20 dBm
Input IP340 dBm
VSWR (~:1)1.5:1
Ton/Toff10000 ns
Control Voltage Range : Minimum Control Voltage0 VDC
Control Voltage Range : Maximum Control Voltage30 VDC
Package TypeCSP-8
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