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XDL20-3-050-T Anaren
Passive Delay Unit
MFG Part Number: XDL20-3-050
The XDL20-3-050 is a surface mount delay line that uses a slow wave coupling structure that maximizes the amount of delay per unit area over other distributed delay structures. The XDL20-3-050 can be used in amplifier linearization applications from 850 – 2000 MHz. The XDL20-3-050 is ideal for the delay element required in the main loop of feed forward amplifiers. The Xinger® delay lines are a low cost, high quality alternative to the traditional coaxial and filter solutions presently available. Parts have been subjected to rigorous qualification testing and units are 100% tested. Available in 6 of 6 tin immersion (XDL20-3-050S) RoHS compliant finishes.
Key AttributesValue
Delay Range : Minimum Delay4.7 ns
Delay Range : Maximum Delay4.9 ns
Delay Range : Delay Step Size
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency1800 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency1990 MHz
Insertion Loss0.6 dB
Return Loss20 dB
Dimensions (mm)25.65mm x 25.65mm x 1.36mm
Package Type
QuantityUnit Price

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