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MA47123-139 MACOM Technology Solutions
RF PIN Diode
MFG Part Number: MA47123-139T
Single Diode Configuration: MACOM's series of low and medium power glass PIN diodes are specifically designed for use in switches, duplexers, electrically tuned digital filters AGC attenuators, TR switches and RF modulators. They preform particularly well in distortion sensitive environments from HF through S-Band. These hermetically sealed axial leaded PIN diodes are designed for use in the harshest commercial and military applications where their inherent ruggedness makes them an ideal choice. They may ordered screened to meet MIL-STD 19500 requirements.
Key AttributesValue
Diode ConfigurationSingle Diode
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency1 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency1000 MHz
Vr (Reverse Voltage)200 VDC
Total Capacitance0.5 pF
Rs (Series Resistance)3 Ω
Package TypeAxial
Mounting Style
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This product is available in the following countries:
  • Global; Americas and Europe only for optical and SDI-Video products