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25SMT-3645-27 Gore
Surface Mount Ground Pads
MFG Part Number: 25SMT-3645-27
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GORE-SHIELD® SMT EMI Gaskets are electrically conductive EMI gasket building blocks. They are comprised of a conformable electrically conductive gasket material bonded to a thin, solderable metal support layer via an electrically conductive adhesive. The gasket material consists of a polytetrafluroethylene (PTFE) matrix loaded with highly conductive nickel-based particles. The parts are precision cut to standard lengths and widths and packaged in standard EIA tape-and-reel format for automated PCB placement using existing surface mount equipment. They are soldered to the PCB via standard reflow processes along with the other board components. By piecing together a series of blocks of identical or varying lengths on the PCB ground trace, a simple and efficient EMI seal can be formed between the PCB and corresponding shield housing. This enables users to create a low cost, custom EMI gasket at the board level without special tooling or custom installation equipment. GORE-SHIELD® SMT EMI Gasket building blocks have been developed to help suppress unwanted electromagnetic radio frequency interference in both portable and non-portable electronic devices where inter-cavity shielding is critical. They are also to be used as SMT Grounding Pads.
Key AttributesValue
Length5.5 mm
Width2 mm
Thickness0.65 mm
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