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MFG Part Number: MC2410
The MC2410 is a double balanced mixer, designed for use in military, commercial and test equipment applications. The design utilizes schottky ring quad diodes and broadBand soft dielectric and ferrite baluns to attain excellent performance. This mixer can also be used as a phase detector and/or bi-phase modulator since the IF port is DC coupled to the diodes. The use of high temperature solder and welded assembly processes used internally makes it ideal for use in manual, semi-automated assembly.
Key AttributesValue
TechnologyDouble Balanced
Frequency Range RF : Minimum Frequency4500 MHz
Frequency Range RF : Maximum Frequency7000 MHz
Frequency Range LO : Minimum Frequency4500 MHz
Frequency Range LO : Maximum Frequency7000 MHz
Frequency Range IF : Minimum Frequency0 MHz
Frequency Range IF : Maximum Frequency2000 MHz
LO Drive Level10 dBm
Conversion Loss5.5 dB
Isolation LO-RF24 dB
Isolation LO-IF40 dB
Isolation RF-IF20 dB
Input IP313 dBm
P1dB3 dBm
Package TypeOpen Carrier
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