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86SMX-6.0 IQD Frequency Products
Crystal Resonator
MFG Part Number: LFXTAL003129BULK
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86SMX Crystals|Holder Style|•86SMX surface mount crystals are plastic encapsulated|General Specifications|•Load Capacitance (CL): 10pF to 50pF or Series|•Drive Level: 100µW max|Packaging|•Loose in bulk pack or tape and reel|•Standard Frequency Tolerances and Stabilities|±10ppm, ±20ppm, ±30ppm, ±50ppm, ±100ppm, ±150ppm|Operating Temperature Ranges|•0 to 50°C|•-10 to 60°C|•-20 to 70°C|•-40 to 85°C|Storage Temperature Range|•-40 to 90°C|Enviornmental•Drop: dropped 3 times from 75cm onto hardwood surface|•Vibration: 10-55Hz, 1.5mm amplitude, period 1min, in X, Y & Z axes, 2 hrs in each axes.
Key AttributesValue
Oscillating Frequency6 MHz
Oscillating Frequency Tolerance150 ppm
Insertion Loss
PCB Insertion TypeSurface Mount
Number Ports1
Package TypePlastic
Operating Temperature Range : Minimum Operating Temperature-20 ºC
Operating Temperature Range : Maximum Operating Temperature70 ºC
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