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KD02CKW Teledyne Relays
Solid State Relay
MFG Part Number: KD02CKW
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The Series KD solid-state relays are screened utilizing MIL-PRF-28750 test methods and are packaged in low profile hermetically sealed cases. These relays are constructed with state-of-the art solid state techniques and feature fully floating power FET output technology. This allows the load to be connected to either output terminal and provides a low ON resistance. The input (control) and output are optically isolated to protect input logic circuits from output transients. Available options include short circuit and current overload protection, which provides complete protection for both the relay and system wiring. This feature not only provides protection should a short or overload occur while the relay is on, but will also provide protection should the relay be switched into a short. The second option is a status output line. Switch status returns the true status of the output switch and is optically isolated from the load. It provides status indication independent of the control circuit of the relay. The status line provides a logic 0 (low) when the relay output is off with load voltage and continuity present, and a logic 1 (high) when the output is on.
Key AttributesValue
Input TypeDC
Operating Line Voltage18 VDC
Output TypeDC
Maximum Load (Output) Current5 A
Maximum Load (Output) Voltage60 V
Input/Output Isolation Voltage1000 V
Output DevicePower FET
Mounting StylePCB
Switching TypeTTL, CMOS
Package TypePC Board
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