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RF180-26 Teledyne Relays
RF Relay
MFG Part Number: RF180-26
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The series RF180 relay is an ultraminiature, hermetically sealed, magnetic-latching relay featuring extremely low intercontact capacitance for exceptional RF performance over the full UHF spectrum. Its low profile height and 0.100" grid spaced terminals make it ideal for applications where extreme packaging density and/or close PC board spacing are required. The RF180 design has been optimized for use in RF attenuators, RF switch matrices, and other applications requiring magnetic latching, high isolation, low insertion loss and low VSWR. The RF180 relay is ideally suited for applications where power dissipation must be minimized. The relays can be operated with a short-duration coil voltage pulse. After the contacts have transferred, no coil power is required. The magnetic-latching feature of the RF180 provides a nonvolatile memory capability, since the relays will not reset upon removal of coil power.
Key AttributesValue
Switch Type2 Form C, Magnetic-Latching
Surface MountNo
Frequency6 GHz
Isolation32 dB
Insertion Loss0.7 dB
Voltage26.5 VDC
Package TypeExtended Centigrid, Through-Hole
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