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CF001-03-BD MACOM Technology Solutions
RF Small Signal Transistor pHEMT
MFG Part Number: CF001-03-BD-000V
Mimix CF001-03 GaAs-based transistor is a 300 um gate width, sub-half-micron gate length GaAs device with Silicon Nitride passivation. The CF001-03 is suitable for narrow and wide band low noise and high gain amplifiers up to 40 GHz. The CF001-03 is available in chip form and is suitable for airborne, shipboard and ground-based equipment. The devices are 100% DC tested and every wafer is qualified based on sample RF and reliability testing. Screening includes MIL-STD-750 Class B, Class S and commercial screening. These devices are also available in packaged form. Please consult the CFS0103-SB, CFB0103-B, CFA0103-A datasheets or contact the factory for further information.
Key AttributesValue
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency0 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency44000 MHz
Gain9.5 dB
Noise Figure0.8 dB
P1dB17 dBm
Output IP327 dBm
Vd (Device Voltage)3 VDC
Idss60 mA
Thermal Resistance150 °C/W
Package TypeDie
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