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MA4AGBLP912 MACOM Technology Solutions
RF PIN Diode
MFG Part Number: MA4AGBLP912
Single Diode Configuration: MA4AGBLP912 is an Aluminum-Gallium- Arsenide anode enhanced, beam lead PIN diode. AlGaAs anodes, which utilize MACOM's patent pending hetero-junction technology, produce less diode On resistance than conventional GaAs devices. These devices are fabricated on a OMCVD epitaxial wafer using a process designed for high device uniformity and extremely low parasitics. The diodes exhibit low series resistance, 4?, low capacitance, 28fF, and an extremely fast switching speed of 5ns. They are fully passivated with silicon nitride and have an additional layer of a polymer for scratch protection. The protective coating prevents damage to the junction and the anode air bridges during handling and assembly. The ultra low capacitance of the MA4AGBLP912 device makes it ideally suited for use through W-band. The low RC product and low profile of the beamlead PIN diode allows for use in microwave and millimeter wave switch designs, where low insertion loss and high isolation are required. The operating bias conditions of +10mA for the low loss state, and 0v, for the isolation state permits the use of a simple +5V TTL gate driver. These AlGaAs, beamlead diodes, can be used in switching arrays on radar systems, high speed ECM circuits, optical switching networks, instrumentation, and other wideband multi-throw switch assemblies.
Key AttributesValue
Diode ConfigurationSingle Diode
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency100 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency40000 MHz
Vr (Reverse Voltage)50 VDC
Total Capacitance0.026 pF
Rs (Series Resistance)4 Ω
Package TypeBeam Lead
Mounting Style
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This product is available in the following countries:
  • Global; Americas and Europe only for optical and SDI-Video products