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CMM-9-BD MACOM Technology Solutions
Gain Block
MFG Part Number: CMM-9-BD-000V
Mimix Broadband's CMM-9 is a 2 to 9 GHz GaAs MMIC amplifier. It is a two-stage feedback design which provides high gain and good power from a single power supply. Applications include oscillator buffers, RF and IF gain blocks and driver amplifiers. The CMM-9 is a very small chip which provides 13 dB of gain and 17 dBm of power from a 6 volt supply. The chip is directly cascadable with no additional components. The circuit's self-biasing feature provides excellent performance from a 5 to 7 volt supply. Care must be taken to isolate the input from the external DC voltages. Mimix MMICs are fabricated on ion-implanted GaAs material with gold-based metallization. The FET gates are sub-half micron, tee cross-section construction. Air bridges are used for top level interconnection. Silicon nitride serves as capacitor dielectric and surface passivation. Mesa resistors are used for feedback and bias function. The CMM-9 is available in chip form. It can be screened to meet commercial, military Hi-Rel or space grade reliability requirements.
Key AttributesValue
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency2000 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency9000 MHz
Gain13 dB
Gain Flatness±1.5 dB
Noise Figure5.5 dB
P1dB17 dBm
Output IP3
Package TypeDie
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