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PE4308EK Peregrine Semiconductor
Frequency Control Evaluation Board
MFG Part Number: 4308-00
The Digital Attenuator Evaluation Kit was designed to ease customer evaluation of the PE4308 DSA. J9 is used in conjunction with the supplied DC cable to supply VDD, GND, and –VDD. If use of the internal negative voltage generator is desired, then connect –VDD (black banana plug) to ground. If an external –VDD is desired, then apply -3 V. J1 should be connected to the LPT1 port of a PC with the supplied control cable. The evaluation software is written to operate the DSA in serial mode, so switch 7 (P/S) on the DIP switch SW1 should be ON with all other switches off. Using the software, enable or disable each attenuation setting to the desired combined attenuation. The software automatically programs the DSA each time an attenuation state is enabled or disabled. Note: Jumper J6 supplies power to the evaluation board support circuits. To evaluate the power up options, first disconnect the control cable from the evaluation board. The control cable must be removed to prevent the PC port from biasing the control pins. During power up with P/S=1 high and LE=1, the default power-up signal attenuation is set to the value present on the five control bits on the five parallel data inputs (C1 to C16). This allows any one of the 32 attenuation settings to be specified as the power-up state. During power up with P/S=0 high and LE=0, the control bits are automatically set to one of four possible values presented through the PUP interface. These four values are selected by the two power-up control bits, PUP1 and PUP2. Pin 20 is open and can be connected to any bias.
Key AttributesValue
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency0 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency4000 MHz
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