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MLS401M150EK0A Cornell Dubilier
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
MFG Part Number: MLS401M150EK0A
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The Type MLS extends the super performance of the MLP from a maximum operating temperature of 85 °C to 125 °C. While the MLP is inherently capable of operation at 125 °C, its flat aluminum case can't withstand the higher temperature without inflating from internal pressure. The MLS incorporates a rugged, stainless steel case which assures flatness to beyond 125 °C. The MLS is perfect for hi-rel military systems and applications operating above 85 °C.
Key AttributesValue
Package TypeFlatpack
Rated Voltage150 VDC
Capacitance400 µF
Tolerance±20 %
Operating Temperature Range : Minimum Operating Temperature-55 ºC
Operating Temperature Range : Maximum Operating Temperature125 ºC
Ripple Current
Load Life10000 hours
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