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DEMO56F8013 Freescale Semiconductor
Digital Signal Processor - Development Tool
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The 56F8013 Demonstration Board is used to demonstrate the abilities of the 56F8013 digital signal controller and to provide a hardware tool allowing the development of applications. The 56F8013 Demonstration Board is an evaluation module board that includes a 56F8013 part, RS-232 interface, user LEDs, user pushbutton switches and a daughter card connector. The daughter card connector allows signal monitoring and expandability of user features. The 56F8013 Demonstration Board facilitates the evaluation of various features present in the 56F8013 part. The 56F8013 Demonstration Board can be used to develop real-time software and hardware products. The 56F8013 Demonstration Board provides the features necessary for a user to write and debug software, demonstrate the functionality of that software and interface with the user's application-specific device(s). The 56F8013 Demonstration Board is flexible enough to allow a user to fully exploit the 56F8013's features to optimize the performance of his product.
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