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MA4HYB900-1292T MACOM Technology Solutions
RF Hybrid Coupler
MFG Part Number: MA4HYB900-1292T
MA4HYB900-1292T is a 50 W Characteristic Impedance, Monolithic Passive Integrated Circuit designed to provide a 90 degree phase shift during an RF power split. The die uses MACOM's unique glass process to realize low loss and high Q passive elements while retaining the advantages of overall size and exceptional reproducibility. These phase shifters are well suited for use in 50 W Rx/Tx system applications particularly where small size and repeatability are required. Typical applications include usage within modulation and demodulation circuit functions for wireless receivers and transmitters.
Key AttributesValue
TypeSurface Mount
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency0.85 GHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency0.95 GHz
Power1 W
Dimensions0.1142 in L x 0.1102 in W
Insertion Loss0.6 dB
Isolation18 dB
VSWR (~:1)1.29:1
Phase90 °
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