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CXB300EZGY Bomar Interconnect
Interconnect Accessory
MFG Part Number: CXB300EZGY
Cable Boot with Strain Relief (Required for Cat 6) (Gray). EZ RJ45 Modular Plugs: The new patented EZ-RJ45™ connector simplifies installation by allowing the pairs to be inserted through the connector. There is no difficult to handle liner or wire bar to deal with. Inspection of the correct conductor order is done before crimping so no connector is wasted because if incorrect wiring. The conductors are able to be pulled forward so the pairs are very close to the contacts. This method allows the integrity of the pairs to maintain Category Five, and even enhanced Category 5 and Category 6 capabilities. (50 u in. gold). The EZ-RJ12™ and both EZ-RJ45™ can be crimped with most any standard tool, then trimmed with a cutter or small utility knife. However, the new BD45000 crimp tool crimps and trims the exposed conductors in one operation. The vertical action of the tool makes a uniform and positive crimp.
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