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SO24-120X3-15 Laird Technologies
Antenna Unit
MFG Part Number: SO24-120X3-15
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The MultiSector™ vertically polarized sectorized omnidirectional antenna systems offered by Laird Technologies are a sector antenna array packaged in a unique integrated radome with single point mounting system. Multiple sector antennas are packaged in a single low profile antenna housing which minimizes installation time and tower leasing costs. Through beamshape engineering, the sectors have excellent isolation and crosstalk characteristics which allow them to coexist in a small physical space. In order to provide for more consistent coverage close to the tower as well as at a distance from the tower, the antennas feature electrical downtilt as well as beam shaping to create a null fill pattern between the antenna and the ground for more consistent coverage. The antennas are constructed of UV stable PVC radomes for long service life in the most demanding conditions. The antennas feature corrosion resistant metal elements and a unique air dielectric system which is more stable than PCB based antenna systems because they don't absorb moisture, which can degrade the performance. The antennas are designed to mount to the top of a 1 in to 1.73 in diameter pole but can also be mounted to the side of a larger pole using pipe clamps or U-Bolt clamps.
Key AttributesValue
TypePole Mount
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency2400 MHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency2485 MHz
PolarizationOmnidirectional, Vertical/Horizontal
Peak Gain15 dBi
Dimensions40 in L x 6.5 in D
VSWR (~:1)1.5:1
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