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GRF172D-5 Teledyne Relays
RF Relay
MFG Part Number: GRF172D-5
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The GRF172 surface-mount Centigrid® relay is an ultraminiature, hermetically sealed, armature relay for 2.5 GHz RF applications. Its low profile height (0.330") and 0.100" grid spaced terminals make it an ideal choice where extreme packaging density and/or close PC board spacing are required. The GRF172 features a unique ground shield that isolates and shields each lead to ensure excellent contact-to-contact and pole-to-pole isolation. This ground shield provides a ground interface that results in improved high-frequency performance as well as parametric repeatability. The GRF172 extends performance advantages over similar RF devices that simply offer formed leads for surface mounting. Applications include telecommunications, test instruments, mobile communications, attenuators, and automatic test equipment.
Key AttributesValue
Switch Type2 Form C, Non-Latching
Surface MountYes
Frequency2.5 GHz
Isolation50 dB
Insertion Loss0.1 dB
Voltage5 VDC
Package TypeCentigrid, SMT
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