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Up/Down Converter
MFG Part Number: ACU50752RS3P1
The ACU50752 is a Monolithic GaAs IC designed to perform the upconverter functions in a double conversion tuner: gain block, local oscillator and balanced mixer. The specifications meet the requirements of CATV, TV and Cable Modem applications. Offered in a modified 16-lead SOIC package and requiring only a single polarity 5 V supply (or 3.5 V, with slightly reduced performance), the IC is well suited for applications where small size, low cost, low auxiliary parts count and a no-compromise performance is important. It provides tuner manufacturers the opportunity to reduce cost by lowering the component count and decreasing the amount of labor-intensive production alignment steps, while significantly improving performance and reliability.
Key AttributesValue
Frequency Range RF : Minimum Frequency50 MHz
Frequency Range RF : Maximum Frequency860 MHz
Frequency Range LO : Minimum Frequency950 MHz
Frequency Range LO : Maximum Frequency2060 MHz
Frequency Range IF : Minimum Frequency900 MHz
Frequency Range IF : Maximum Frequency1200 MHz
LO Drive Level
Conversion Gain8 dB
Isolation LO-RF
Isolation LO-IF
Isolation RF-IF50 dB
Input IP318 dBm
Vd (Device Voltage)5 VDC
Package TypeSOIC
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