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J0060L5050A Anaren
RF Crossover
MFG Part Number: J0060L5050A00
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The J0060L5050A00 is an ultra-small low profile jumper that enables the transition of two intersecting RF traces in an easy to use industry standard SMT package. The 0603 jumper permits one path to continue on the PWB while the other path is jumped within the component. The jumper is ideal for any critical applications where layout and available space are a premium and resorting to addition PWB layers and larger overall footprints are unacceptable. With low insertion loss and high isolation packaged with cost in mind, this novel component delivers.
Key AttributesValue
Frequency Range : Minimum Frequency0 GHz
Frequency Range : Maximum Frequency6 GHz
IL0.1 dB
Dimensions0.06 in L x 0.03 in W
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  • Founded in 1967, today's Anaren is a worldwide innovator of high-frequency...
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